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Digital marketing & strategy consultants -  Digital Marketing & Mobile Apps for small medium and large enterprises. 



Digital Marketing should drive growth within your business and provide a return on investment – this is the primary goal of MetaDev when working with you.

To achieve this growth, MetaDev will work with your businesses to create your digital strategy. We specialise, not only in creating a strategy for your business, but also in converting that strategy into quality traffic for your website, so that customers engage with your company, your offer, and your products.

We leverage all digital marketing tools where relevant, including PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and Social Media, as well as email marketing, responsive web design services (enabling users to browse your website comfortably on mobile devices), and mobile applications for Android and Apple devices should you require it.





When it comes to marketing your business, we use the full range of digital marketing tools available. From PPC and SEO, to social media and email marketing, we will help develop your audience and engage potential customers to increase your bottom line, in a cost effective manner.

We believe in connecting your business with the relevant people and attracting traffic that converts into sales. Our digital marketing consultants are experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to ensure that we achieve optimal results for your business.

We'll also review your current website and where possible look to improve the customer journey using analytics and data to drive change where required  - if we can enhance your website to make it work harder - we will.

As our client, we see you as a partner, and your business’s success is our main priority.




FiiG Instagram mobile application was delivered for Android, on time and below budget - without the costs associated with large development houses.

Talk to us about your mobile application requirements - first consultation is free.


It all started..

After many years working in Agency world for global clients such as Ferrari, McLaren, BMW and MINI, amongst many others.

We decided we wanted to bring that Digital expertise and apply it to SME's in a straightforward, approachable, jargon free way.

Our primary goal is to help business owners drive their Digital Marketing forwards and reach out to customers where they are, be it through social media and digital marketing, or your own bespoke mobile application.

We are a dedicated band of Digital Marketers with over 12 years of practical hands on experience with a combination of leading B2B and B2C brands, based in Brighton on the (sometimes) sunny South coast.

Fundamentally it's all about getting the most from your investment to get a tangible return on investment, MetaDev will work tirelessly to deliver you great results.



MetaDev are working with us across our Digital ecommerce platforms and wider business strategy, and it has to be said they have made a quick difference to what we are doing, in a good way!

MetaDev bring a wealth of experience from the larger companies they've worked with. This has helped us formulate a better marketing plan, and helped us rethink our online solution dramatically by bringing some clear uncluttered or preconditioned thought, using a deep knowledge of ecommerce and digital marketing strategy.

Managing Director Van Cols Ltd.

Maybe you just have an idea, or you've already got a marketing plan together? You just want to chat it though, have a look at some ideas, and get a view on costs?

The first hours consultation is free and we'll provide the coffee!


You can call us on 0800 689 0488 or please get in touch below.


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